Erika & Cyrus’ Beautiful Pop-Up Wedding

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these stunning photos from Erika and Cyrus’ pop-up wedding.  Erika knew she wanted to have her small elopement at Griffith Observatory.  She and her family arrived at 6:30am sharp to avoid the crowds so she could get these stunning photos of her intimate ceremony without a lot of people in the background.  They said their “I do’s” at the ledge with a stunning view of Los Angeles, in front of their closest friends and family.

After their simple and sweet pop-up wedding ceremony, they took some stunning photos around the park.  After all, that is what a pop-up wedding is all about!

If you want to get started planning your amazing pop-up wedding, contact us today.  We look forward to helping you POP THE KNOT!

Photos by Jenny Smith

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Love Brunch? Plan a Brunch-Themed Pop-Up Wedding Reception

Brunch pop-up wedding

If you love brunch and want to plan a casual, daytime wedding, brunch can be the perfect inspiration for your wedding reception–especially if you love the idea of a breezy afternoon celebration filled with mimosas and bite-sized breakfast food.

Pop the Knot can help you plan a carefree, romantic pop-up wedding, and then you can arrange for a celebratory brunch afterwards! Take a look at some of these brunch-inspired ideas.

Mimosa Bar

Since your pop-up wedding will probably be earlier in the day, your brunch reception is the perfect time for an interactive mimosa bar! Pick different flavors of juices, including freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit, pineapple, pomegranate, or any other flavor that strikes your fancy. Add bowls of fresh fruit, including peaches and berries, along with your favorite champagne. Your guests won’t be able to resist a colorful mimosa bar that will start your brunch off in style!  

Miniature Breakfast Appetizers

When it comes to a brunch-themed wedding reception, there’s plenty of room for creative food. Miniature breakfast appetizers are adorable and delicious, and they’re a creative twist on traditional hors d’oeuvres.

Try serving mini pancake skewers topped with colorful berries, or mini quiches and bite-sized avocado toast. You can also let your guests create their own breakfast with a donut or bagel bar, where they can top their breakfast food of choice with their favorite toppings–think fun cereal, chopped nuts, gourmet cream cheeses, and fresh fruit.

Mimosa bar at your wedding

Fun Table Activities

Your pop-up wedding may have been filled with romance and emotion, but your brunch reception is all about the fun! Especially if the weather is nice and you’re planning an outdoor brunch, place chic fans and lemonade stations around the venue to keep guests cool.

You can also incorporate some fun table activities such as crossword puzzles, trivia, or disposable cameras to match your laidback vibe.

Wine and Cheese

If there’s a break in between your pop-up wedding and brunch celebration, try planning a fun twist on cocktail hour with a “wine and cheese hour.” Have an assortment of your favorite white and red wines along with the perfect mix of cheeses, charcuterie, and fruit to pair everything together. This will add some romance to your reception while making sure it still stays exciting and modern.

Afternoon Tea

Since your reception will be happening earlier in the day instead of the evening, why not forgo traditional coffee in favor of something lighter and classier like afternoon tea? You can serve tea on delicate china paired with fluffy macaroons in a variety of flavors! For the quirky, nontraditional bride, this can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your celebration.

If you’re ready to plan a creative pop-up wedding that’s anything but traditional, contact Pop the Knot to get started!

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How to Make the “Woodsy” Wedding Trend Work for Your Pop-Up Wedding

Woodsy pop-up wedding trend

In our last blog, we shared some of the most exciting pop-up wedding trends to expect in 2018. Instead of rustic, farm-inspired weddings, the “woodsy” vibe is expected to appear in full force this year. With twinkling candles, wooden details, and lots of draping greenery, you can plan a romantic outdoor wedding that’s full of elegance and charm.

Feeling inspired for your pop-up wedding? Take a look at how you can make this trend work for your celebration!

Botanical Gardens

If you want to plan a laidback pop-up wedding but don’t want something as rustic as a barn wedding, a colorful botanical garden can give you a magical, carefree vibe. You can incorporate matching flowers into your bouquet and take photographs in the greenhouses or outdoor rose gardens.

In most cities, gardens are also nontraditional places to host weddings, which means Pop the Knot can help you find a venue that falls into your price range and vision for the day.

Draping Greenery

Instead of rustic flowers like baby’s breath and sunflowers, why not incorporate beautiful, draping greenery into your pop-up wedding? Not only do these flowers look colorful and elegant against your dress, they can make your celebration a bit more sophisticated–you’ll feel like you stepped into a magical garden and enchanted forest!

Wooden Details and Pine Accents

Burlap and mason jars might feel like an overdone trend, but you can still feel like you’re in the woods with pine accents and wooden details. For a pop-up wedding, you might want simple decor–wooden details will help you maintain a simplistic, understated vibe. Try incorporating wooden crates and tree stumps, or include delicate wooden details on your invitations.

For fall and winter weddings, try adding fragrant pine accents into your centerpieces or bouquets. You can even consider hanging floral arrangements that include a combination of clean white flowers, pine cones, and pine needles that will make your space feel warm and dreamy.

Wooden wedding details

Unique Food

When it comes to pop-up weddings, you might want to give your guests a nontraditional, interactive experience they haven’t seen before. Interactive food stations filled with unique food can be an exciting addition to your pop-up wedding. Centered around your woodsy theme, think smore’s bars, mini pies, different flavored lemonade, colorful vegetable towers and more!

Pop the Knot can help you personalize your wedding so it represents your passion, personality, and unique love story. If you want to plan a creative pop-up wedding with a casual, woodsy theme, contact us today!

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2018 Pop-Up Wedding Trends


2018 pop-up wedding trendsHappy new year! If this is the year you’re going to plan a pop-up wedding, 2018 has brought plenty of exciting inspiration and beautiful new traditions to choose from.

Whether you want to add interactive elements to your wedding or play with different textures, take a look at some of this year’s wedding trends and see how Pop the Knot can help you incorporate them into your personalized pop-up wedding.

Navy Blue

If you love the tradition of black and white wedding colors, but want to spice things up during your pop-up wedding, try incorporating navy blue accents. This 2018 wedding trend is replacing black, and you can add the crisp navy blue color to your invitations, centerpieces, and bridesmaids dresses.

If you’re skipping centerpieces and bridesmaids, you can always add navy blue accents to your wedding dress for a clean, sophisticated look.

Hanging Flowers

For casual, pop-up weddings, suspended flower arrangements are an exciting twist on traditional centerpieces. Instead of cluttering your guests’ tables with bulky centerpieces, hanging your flowers from the ceiling keeps your decor simple and understated. Especially if you’re planning a pop-up wedding in a colorful location like a public garden or outdoor gazebo, hanging flowers can be a fun, whimsical touch.

The “Woodsy” Look

If you love the outdoors but don’t want to plan anything too rustic, the “woodsy” look is expected to be a widespread wedding trend during 2018. By incorporating lots of greenery and wooden details, you’ll move away from burlap and mason jars. Instead, you’ll feel like you escaped to the heart of a mystical forest for your pop-up wedding. Pop the Knot can help you create this carefree, woodsy look as we plan your pop-up wedding!

More Texture

Even if you’re planning a pop-up wedding or elopement that’s super small and casual, adding texture to the little details can lead to beautiful photographs and an elegant atmosphere. Try adding wax seals to your invitations or drape assorted linens across each table. 2018 is the year of adding interest and dimension to your wedding!

Interactive Elements

This year, couples are looking for creative ways to entertain themselves and their guests. Whether you have a live band, a fun photo booth, or hands-on food stations–such as a mashed potato bar, roll-your-own sushi, interactive appetizers, and build-your-own ice cream sandwiches–interactive elements can help you move away from stuffy wedding traditions and plan a celebration that’s truly personalized to you.

Are you ready to start planning a romantic pop-up wedding that incorporates some of this year’s best trends? Contact Pop the Knot to get started!

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4 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

How to preserve your wedding bouquet

If you’re planning a pop-up wedding with a small group of friends and family, simple bouquets of flowers can add some timeless romance to your celebration. One of the great things about wedding flowers is that you can enjoy them for years to come if you know how to preserve them.

As you choose the flowers for your special day, keep in mind some of these creative ideas for preserving your bouquet!

1. Let Them Air Dry

One of the simplest, most traditional ways to preserve the flowers from your pop-up wedding is to let the bouquet air dry. Gather the stems and tie them closely together before hanging the bouquet upside down in a dry area. Pick a room in your home that stays warm and free of moisture.

After a few weeks, your flowers will be completely dried. Consider placing them in a vase on your mantle–this can serve as a daily reminder of the beauty of your wedding and the vows you made.

2. Press Your Flowers

Want to preserve your flowers in a more artistic way? When you press your wedding bouquet onto parchment paper or a canvas, you can transform the flowers into a colorful piece of artwork for your home.

Choose the blooms that mean the most to you–whether you want a handful of flowers or the entire bouquet–and spread them on a clean piece of parchment paper. Lay the paper and flowers in the middle of a heavy book, and add a piece of parchment paper to the top so no other colors bleed into your flowers. Shut the book, and weigh it down with something heavy enough to flatten the blooms. After approximately 10 days, your wedding flowers will be dried, pressed and ready to be framed!

3. Preserve Them with Silica Gel

Silica gel is a porous sand that works wonders for preserving and absorbing the water from your wedding flowers! If you want to keep your bouquet looking as vibrant and realistic as the day of your wedding, start by placing a pile of silica gel in an airtight container. Stand your flowers in the sand and slowly add more gel around the petals, while keeping the shape of your bouquet in tact. Once you’ve filled the container to the top with sand, seal it and wait a week to remove the flowers from the sand.

Not only will the gel preserve the color and shape of your bouquet, but you’ll smile and reflect on your wedding every time you see the flowers in your home.

4. Paint Your Bouquet

If you love art and love the way your wedding bouquet looked, consider asking a local artist to paint a romantic picture of your flowers. This keeps your memories alive without making you feel obligated to keep the exact bouquet you held that day. Plus, it will be a romantic addition to the decor in your home and remind you of the happiness you felt on your wedding day.

Are you looking to plan a personalized pop-up wedding? Pop the Knot can help you plan a modern celebration with beautiful flowers! Get started today.

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How to Keep Your Family Involved if You Elope

How to keep family involved when you elope

Have you and your significant other decided to elope? If you’re dreaming about an intimate elopement but don’t want to leave any of your family and friends out, there are plenty of ways to keep your loved ones involved on your big day. Check out some of our ideas for making your family feel included as you plan an elopement.  

Engagement Party

After he’s popped the question, the two of you may have immediately decided to escape to the sunny tropics or culture-filled city for an elopement that focuses on just the two of you. This doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your engagement with the people you love most!

Before you elope, gather with your closest friends and family members and toast to your upcoming nuptials. Even if they won’t be there in person to see you say “I do,” they’ll enjoy being part of the festivities beforehand.

Post-Wedding Celebration

If you want to elope but don’t want to give up a fun-filled wedding reception with your loved ones, you can have the best of both worlds! Opt for an intimate elopement with you and your fiance. Once you return home as newlyweds, Pop the Knot can help you plan a personalized wedding reception at a venue that matches your personality and gives you a chance to celebrate your marriage with the people who matter most. You can even consider bringing photos or playing a video of the two of you exchanging vows so everyone feels like they were there.

Dress Shopping

For many families, shopping for your wedding dress or tuxedo is a tradition they’ve anticipated for years. If you like the idea of this tradition and want to include family and friends in your dress-shopping journey, ask if they’ll take a day to shop with you before you elope.

And if you’re worried about extra opinionated family members, invite them to a fitting after you’ve picked out the dress. That way, they can get a glimpse of you as a bride but the ultimate decision is still your own.

Write Letters

After you’ve announced your elopement, you may experience various reactions and emotions from family and friends. While you shouldn’t let their emotions affect your decision, you can help them feel valued by writing sentimental letters describing the impact they’ve had on your life or sharing how their marriage inspires you. A thoughtful, handwritten letter can help your loved ones feel like you treasure their presence on your wedding day–even if they’re not physically there.

If you’re planning a romantic elopement, but aren’t sure how to elope without making your loved ones feel disconnected from your special day, try some of these tips! Pop the Knot has experience planning pop-up weddings and elopements that are creative, romantic and out-of-the-box. Contact us today to start planning!

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5 Ways to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Winter pop-up wedding

Are you planning a winter pop-up wedding or elopement? You may want to plan your celebration around the beautiful scenery of the season–including snow-capped trees, the smell of fresh pine, and colorful winter flowers. While the air might be chilly, you can keep yourself warm on your wedding day with some clever ideas that add to the romance of your marriage.

Elegant Fur

If you’re planning an outdoor pop-up wedding this winter, there are plenty of adorable ways to stay warm while still looking chic in your wedding photography! Look for a sophisticated fur wrap that you can drape over your shoulders as an elegant addition to your wedding dress.

If you decide to include a small bridal party at your pop-up wedding, you can consider giving them matching fur or simple shawls that will keep them cozy and classy throughout the wedding.

Cozy Fireplaces

Whether you’re getting married in the countryside, the heart of the city, or at your favorite restaurant with stunning views, there’s nothing more romantic than a crackling fireplace. Pop the Knot can help you find a venue with cozy fireplaces, so you and your guests can stay warm during the entire celebration.

Hot Cocoa and Coffee Bar

Want to feel warm from the inside out? Coffee and hot cocoa bars can be a fun addition, especially for winter weddings. We’ll help you set up the station with delicious ingredients like marshmallows, fudge, peppermint candy, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Your guests will love being able to personalize their drinks, and you’ll have a unique way to stay warm during your wedding!

Romantic Blankets

If you’re getting married in a rustic, outdoor setting, consider asking your photographer to take a few photos of you and your groom with a flannel or cashmere blanket wrapped around your shoulders. With the sun shining through the trees and a dusting of snow on the ground, a blanket can add to the romance of your day while protecting you from the cold.

Glimmering Candles

There’s no better way to celebrate warmth, love and light than with a collection of glimmering candles. Pop the Knot can create beautiful decor and candles that match the theme of your wedding and add an elegant glow. With soft, romantic scents like vanilla and lavender, candles can add a peaceful quality to your winter pop-up wedding.

As you plan your gorgeous winter wedding, don’t forget to find creative ways to stay warm! Pop the Knot can help you manage all the details so your pop-up wedding goes off without a hitch. Get started today!

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Hiring an Artist to Paint Your Pop-Up Wedding

Hiring an artist to paint your pop-up wedding

If you’re excited about capturing your pop-up wedding with romantic photos and videos, why not consider a painting, too? Many couples are hiring local artists to create a live painting at their wedding reception. This is a fun twist on traditional wedding photography, and it’s the perfect trend to incorporate into your casual pop-up wedding.  

When your wedding is over, you’ll have a colorful painting to hang in your home and remind you of the vows you made! Learn more about the trend and how to make it work for your pop-up wedding.  

What to Know

When you hire an artist to paint your wedding, Pop the Knot can find an ideal location for their canvas and easel–whether you’re getting married on a rooftop in the city or in a majestic public garden. This not only adds a fun, artistic touch to your celebration, but the artist will be able to capture small details that might have been overlooked in traditional photography.

In many cases, the artist can also personalize the painting to your tastes. You may ask them to capture the happiness and festivities at your reception, or the magic of your first kiss. You might also want the artist to use bright, vivid colors, or stick to sophisticated black and white. While each artist has their own style, it’s important to make sure your personality shines through.

Choosing an Artist

When you choose an artist to paint your pop-up wedding, they will typically create a package for you which includes painting on-site for a set amount of hours. The package will also include the finished painting and framing. While most packages are similar, you’ll want to take a look at each artist’s style before making your decision.

Ask to see samples of their work, look at reviews from past clients, and ask about their signature style and level of experience. For instance, some artists will be more abstract with their paintings while others will more literal. Depending on their experience and if they have an established reputation, you might feel comfortable trusting their vision for the painting. If you’d like to have more say in the finished piece of art, make sure you ask the artist if this is a possibility.

Incorporating a Live Artist into Your Pop-Up Wedding

Painting your wedding can be an exciting, modern addition to your pop-up wedding, and it will become a piece of art you’ll treasure for years to come.

As you plan your pop-up wedding with Pop the Knot, we can help you find local artists who have experience painting at weddings. Get started today!

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How to Plan a Pop-Up New Year’s Eve Wedding

pop-up new year's eve wedding

Planning a New Year’s Eve wedding can seem daunting, but don’t let the glitter, noisemakers, and champagne scare you! New Year’s Eve can actually be the perfect night for a low-key, winter wedding.

Pop-up weddings are a casual, romantic way to express your vows and celebrate your marriage without so many formal traditions. A pop-up wedding on New Year’s Eve can be especially exciting, since most of your guests will already be in the mood for a party. To get started planning your pop-up New Year’s Eve wedding with Pop the Knot, try some of these tips.

Pick the Right Venue

For a memorable pop-up wedding, it’s important to find a venue that represents you and your partner. Are you artistic and relaxed? We can help you find a public art gallery, winery or botanical garden with twinkling lights and a beautiful indoor space. If you’re more outgoing and love to be the life of the party, a lively music venue or busting restaurant with event space could be the right spot for you.

No matter what you choose, it’s best to plan ahead — especially for a New Year’s Eve wedding. If you let your guests know about the celebration with as much notice as possible, they’re likely to be excited about spending their holiday with you. You can also pick a venue that’s near other New Year’s Eve festivities, so your guests can head somewhere after your wedding to watch the ball drop.

Plan an After-Party

If you’re planning a pop-up New Year’s Eve wedding, you might choose to end the festivities before midnight. But that doesn’t mean the celebration has to be over! If you and your hubby want to spend more time with your guests, or simply want to ring in the new year before heading home, consider arranging a casual after-party. Pick a nearby bar or public celebration to walk to after your wedding–you can even create adorable invitations to share your plan with your guests! It will be even more special as husband and wife.

Include Fun NYE Traditions

Your pop-up wedding should be a celebration of your love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some New Year’s Eve-themed traditions. Depending on how long you plan to stay at your venue, we can help you arrange a special champagne toast at midnight. If you have a DJ, you can also ask him or her to make a few announcements with countdowns to the new year.

Find Elegant Winter Accessories

With the low temperatures and potential snow on the ground, you might feel a lack of inspiration with your wedding decor and accessories. But winter is actually a great season for cozy elegance and eye-catching glitter. Consider wearing some faux fur as a shawl, especially if you want outdoor photos. You can also choose a venue with multiple fireplaces and candlelight to make your pop-up wedding warm and magical.

Not sure where to start? Pop the Knot has experience planning personalized pop-up weddings and elopements during every time of year. We can help turn your New Year’s Eve pop-up wedding into a celebration you and your guests will talk about forever! Contact us today.

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Fall-Inspired Wedding Bouquets for Your Pop-Up Wedding

Fall inspired wedding bouquets

If you love the crisp, cozy fall weather, it can be the perfect season to plan a romantic pop-up wedding! Whether you’re planning a backyard celebration or an elegant reception in a public garden, the right bouquet can bring everything together.

Fall is known for its vibrant blooms, and even though there are plenty of rustic-inspired flowers this time of year, you can still host a sophisticated pop-up wedding without resorting to baby’s breath and mums. To get started, check out some of our favorite fall-inspired wedding bouquets.

  • Berry and wheat accents– If you love the idea of a rustic pop-up wedding that celebrates nature, try including classic fall accents like seasonal berries, trailing greenery, stalks of wheat, maple leafs, and even some romantic feathers. With the right combination of fall accents and vibrant blooms, you’ll have a boho chic bouquet that looks like you just picked it from a field of wildflowers.
  • Elegant burgundy– Want something a little more formal? Burgundy peonies are a beautiful fall color and they’ll make a statement next to your white dress. If you want to lighten up your look, mix in some peach-colored peonies for the perfect blend of formality and carefree romance.
  • Garden florals— For a rich, romantic bouquet that’s inspired by the flowers you’ll find right in your garden, ask your florist to include lavender and blush hues mixed with fresh greenery. This dreamy bouquet is perfect for a fall wedding!
  • White and ivory– If you want a chic fall bouquet that’s full of class, a natural bouquet filled with loosely arranged white dahlias, ivory roses, and a hint of greenery is sure to turn heads.   
  • Bright sunflowers– Yellow and orange sunflowers are some of the most fall-inspired flowers you can find! When you combine them with fall accents like wheat, you’ll have a colorful bouquet that makes for breathtaking photography and a romantic backdrop against your dress.

As you plan your fall pop-up wedding, Pop the Knot can help you decide on a beautiful bouquet to match your theme. Contact us today to start planning your pop-up wedding!

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Wearing a Boho Floral Crown on Your Wedding Day

Romantic, boho weddings are all the rage right now. Want to embrace this trend at your pop-up wedding? Flower crowns are a simple way to pair elegance with a laidback boho style!

When you plan a pop-up wedding with Pop the Knot, we’ll help you decide on a beautiful arrangement of flowers–and matching crown–to add to the beauty of your wedding day. Check out some of these tips.

Focus on Color Palette

When you’re choosing the flowers for your crown, the actual varieties are less important than the color palette. Of course, if you have a favorite flower that you want included in your pop-up wedding, your florist can make sure to incorporate it into your bridal crown.

If you’re less concerned with the type of flower and simply want to make sure all of your color tones match, sit down with your florist and describe the style and colors you have in mind. Looking for something boho to match your rustic theme? Your florist may suggest baby’s breath. Looking for something a little more elegant? They may recommend rosebuds or hydrangeas.

No matter what, Pop the Knot can help you find the flowers that work well on crowns and act as a beautiful accessory on your wedding day.

Choose Your Foliage

When it comes to garlands and headpieces, foliage is almost always used to add texture and contrast to the flowers. In many cases, your florist can add fragrant herbs like rosemary and sage to your flower crown for a nice calming effect on your wedding day.

You can also incorporate foliage like eucalyptus and dusty miller to complement the bright tones and vivid look of your flowers. With romantic greenery and colorful blooms, a floral crown can be a classy addition to your bouquet, or replace the bouquet entirely. The choice is yours!

Veil or No Veil?

If you’ve decided to wear a flower crown at your wedding, you may not want to wear a traditional veil. If you want to modernize the tradition, a flower crown makes a gorgeous statement–and nobody will notice you’re not wearing a veil!

However, if you like the timeless romance of a veil, there are still ways to wear one with a flower crown. Choose a veil that fastens to the back of your crown and flows down your back. You’ll have the perfect combination of gracefulness and free-spiritedness. When planning your pop-up wedding, Pop the Knot can include a flower crown that stands alone or matches the beauty of your veil.

Consider Your Bridal Party

Do you want your entire bridal party to wear flower crowns? If you want your ensemble to rock the flower crown look, Pop the Knot can create thinner, simpler crowns for your bridesmaids. Your crown can be fuller and more colorful, so you can make the statement.

If you want to hold off on crowns for your bridesmaids but want your flower girls to have a dreamy, feminine look, we can create dainty headpieces in the color of your choice.

Save the Memories

After your pop-up wedding is over, you can savor the beauty of your flower crown for years to come! Many crowns dry well and can be hung in your home as a beautiful decoration. Not only can you appreciate the colors, but every time you see it, you’ll be reminded of the vows you made that day.  

If you’re ready to start planning a romantic pop-up wedding, Pop the Knot can help you find the perfect look and add a matching floral crown to your bouquet. Contact us today!

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5 Fun Alternatives to the Bouquet Toss

If you’re planning a pop-up wedding or elopement, you may be looking for a casual, nontraditional celebration of your marriage. Traditions like the garter and bouquet toss may not match your theme, or you may not feel connected to the gesture.

As you plan your pop-up wedding, Pop the Knot can help you brainstorm fun alternatives to some of these common traditions. To start, check out some of our favorite options for the bouquet toss.

Celebrate Longevity

If you’re looking for a sweet alternative to the traditional bouquet and garter toss, there’s no better way to celebrate the power of love than by inviting all of the couples to the dance floor. As everyone dances to the song of your choice, have someone announce the amount of years couples have been married. The couple who has been together the longest ends up being the last one on the dance floor and receives the bouquet!

At a casual, pop-up wedding, this break in tradition can actually be a sentimental way to remind everyone of the beauty of marriage.

Throw a Breakaway Bouquet

If you like the idea of throwing a bouquet, but want more of your guests to be able to participate, try a breakaway bouquet. This type of bouquet splits apart in midair, so everyone can walk away with a stemmed flower. Many brides choose to tie a fun charm or uplifting message to each flower. No matter what you decide, consider how many guests you want to catch a part of the bouquet and make sure you tie enough flowers for everyone.

Plant the Seed

Want to give every guest a chance to go home with flowers? Make an announcement that they can take home one of the centerpiece arrangements. If you’ve opted not to go with centerpieces for your pop-up wedding, give out packets of seeds as favors instead. Not only will everyone get to enjoy fresh blooms, but they’ll be able to plant the seed and watch it grow–just like your love!

Pass the Bouquet

If you love dancing and are planning a lively celebration, have all the ladies gather on the dance floor. As the DJ or musician plays an up-tempo song, the girls can pass the bouquet around. Whenever the music stops, the person with the bouquet keeps it! This can be a fun way to loosen up the tradition of the bouquet toss and give it a casual feel.

Honor Someone

Is there a friend or family member who has made a significant impact on your lives, or helped you plan your pop-up wedding or elopement? Consider planning a thank-you message and sharing your sentiments with the crowd. Before you’re done, offer them the bouquet as a symbol of your appreciation and love.

As you plan your pop-up wedding, don’t be afraid to create new traditions. With some of these alternatives to the bouquet toss, you can express your personality and create a celebration that represents your love. To get started planning your pop-up wedding or elopement, contact Pop The Knot!

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5 Creative Ways to Announce Your Elopement

If you’re planning to elope, congratulations! Planning a small, intimate celebration can be a low-key way to focus on what matters most: your love. When it comes to announcements, you may want to share the good news with friends and family who weren’t invited to your pop-up wedding or elopement.

Many couples choose to announce their elopement before they leave, but others prefer to announce it after the fact. No matter what you decide, Pop the Knot can help you plan your elopement and come up with creative ways to make your announcement! Try some of our favorite ideas below.

Send postcards

If you want to share your elopement with the folks who stayed back home, a postcard will show off your love for travel and match the casual spirit of your celebration. Print the postcards with a wedding photo on front, and don’t forget to show off the theme of your elopement! If you got married on the beach, include a photo with the waves crashing behind you. If you got married in the city, include a photo with skyscrapers glowing in the distance.

A romantic photo and heartfelt message will help your friends and family feel like they were right there with you.

Try role reversals

Looking for a creative way to announce your elopement on Instagram? Have your guy pose with his wedding ring–a playful switch on the classic engagement ring shot. You can stand beside him and hold up a sign with a clever message.  

When you approach your announcement in a lighthearted way, your friends and family can’t help but feel the joy and happiness you’ve found!

Take the time to share heartfelt messages

If you choose to mail announcements to your relatives, a heartfelt message may take the sting away from family members who are wondering why they weren’t invited. Handwritten messages go a long way, too! Consider including a message like this: “Even though you weren’t there in person, you were there in our hearts. Thank you for your love and encouragement over the years.”

Ultimately, your decision to plan a pop-up wedding or elopement is entirely yours. There may be people who expect you to follow a traditional route, but don’t pressure yourself to meet everyone’s expectations. Your wedding and marriage is about you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

Pick a sign that says it all

If you’re planning an elopement but still want professional photography, ask your photographer if you can include a sign that will help announce your elopement when you get back home. You could aim for lighthearted humor with a sign that says, “We just couldn’t wait!” Or go with something a little more elegant such as “We do. We did. We eloped!”

Combined with your wedding attire, these signs can help friends and family get a glimpse inside your celebration.

Plan a small gathering once you’re back

Want to celebrate with your loved ones once you’re home? Plan a casual reception in someone’s backyard or at your favorite restaurant. With everyone together, you can share details about your elopement and spend quality time with the people who support you most.

Not sure where to start when it comes to planning and announcing your elopement? Pop the Knot can help you manage the small details and plan a pop-up wedding that captures the essence of your relationship. Contact us today!

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What You Need to Know About White Bridesmaids Dresses

Are you planning a tiny, pop-up wedding? You may not want a huge wedding party, but you may have one or two close family members or friends who you want to stand by your side as you say “I do.”

For a clean, delicate look, many modern brides are falling in love with the all-white trend–meaning the bridesmaids wear white along with the bride. Especially if you’re planning a casual, nontraditional wedding, white bridesmaids dresses can be a classy addition to your romantic celebration!

Not sure if this is the trend for you? Take a look at some of the pros and cons of all-white bridesmaids dresses!

You Have a Lot of Creativity

When you indulge in white dresses for everyone, you have the freedom to play with different silhouettes. If you and your girls are going to rock the same color, you can get creative and play with texture, silhouette, and style.

Maybe your bridesmaids will have short dresses while you have long, or maybe they’ll have lace, textured fabric while you stick with something sleek and modern. You can even ask them to wear different shades of white to differentiate them from you, such as cream, ivory, or even pale yellow.

You’ll Lose Color and Brightness

For many brides, one of the most beautiful parts of a wedding–aside from celebrating your love–is the flowers. When you’re planning a romantic pop-up wedding, you may be looking for simple arrangements that make a subtle, but noticeable, statement. But if you go with all-white dresses, you may have too little color for your taste.

Depending on your theme, you can add color to white bridesmaids dresses by choosing bold, colorful blooms like sunflowers and peonies.

You’ll Freshen Things Up

Are you simple and sophisticated? If you love the bold, yet delicate, statement that white makes, all-white bridesmaids dresses can be a refreshingly simple look for your already-simplistic pop-up wedding. White is the perfect color for summer and a beautiful symbol of purity as you exchange vows and set the tone for your marriage.

You May Risk Losing the Limelight

Depending on the white dresses your bridesmaids wear, be careful they don’t look too similar to yours. By asking them to wear color instead, you can be more of a focal point in your wedding photography. However, if you’re planning a pop-up wedding, you may decide to skip bridesmaids altogether and focus solely on you and your future hubby!

As you decide whether you’re going to have bridesmaids in your pop-up wedding and choose the color of their dresses, Pop the Knot will be with you every step of the way as you make decisions about your big day. Contact us today to start planning!

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6 Wedding Flowers to Match Your Personality

If you’re in the process of planning a pop-up wedding or elopement that matches your personality, choosing the perfect flowers can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Flowers are a quintessential part of your wedding. Full of romance, elegance and beauty, flowers are a metaphor for your love. Choosing the right wedding flower comes down to your taste and personality. Start with some of these popular flowers that are perfect for pop-up weddings!

Fairytale Magic

If you want to create a pop-up wedding with fairytale magic, roses are sure to make you feel like a princess. Symbols of beauty, passion and true love, roses are luxurious and delicate–perfect for the couple who wants to celebrate the power of romance. To match your color scheme, many florists will also create bicolor roses or striped and tipped roses.

Fresh, Funky and Free

Do you have a fun, playful spirit? Tulips can add an exciting twist to a traditional wedding bouquet, especially if you want to plan a casual, pop-up wedding. Traditionally, tulips represent consuming love and the happy years. Not only can you incorporate a colorful, versatile flower into your bouquet and centerpieces, but tulips are meaningful, too.

Mr. and Mrs. Charming

When it comes to a charming, pop-up wedding, you can’t go wrong with simplicity. If you’re drawn to less vivid flowers but love to showcase your romantic side, hydrangeas can be a great choice. You can find them in white, green, pink, burgundy, or blue, which gives you plenty of flexibility to match your wedding style.  

The Color of Love

Are you planning a vibrant wedding that’s full of color? Whether you’re eloping to the tropics or planning a pop-up wedding along the harbor, peonies are bold and romantic flowers. With a strong scent and bright color, they know how to make a statement (just like you).

Boho Wildflower

For the couple who feels inspired by natural and earthy themes, baby’s breath is the perfect flower for a freshly picked, wildflower look. You can incorporate it into your bouquet with bold peonies to add some color, or add some simplistic vertical flowers like lavender and stalks of wheat to showcase a free-spirited, wildflower vibe. Not only can you can weave baby’s breath into your entire look–including centerpieces, your hair, and down the aisle–but it’s also affordable!

A Secret Garden

If you like the dreamy, botanical look of greenery, you can’t go wrong with the classic white gardenia. Surrounded by dark green leaves, the gardenia is pure, delicate and romantic. Combined with large, draping leaves, you and your guests will feel like you’re tucked away in a magic garden.

No matter what flower you choose, Pop the Knot can help you arrange the details and plan a romantic, pop-up wedding that matches your personality. Contact us today!

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