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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Pop The Knot!  We are so excited for the opportunity to partner with such an amazing venue.  In order to provide a clear description on our website about what our clients are getting when they book your venue, and to better understand how we can make our partnership run as smooth as possible, can you please take a brief moment to complete the following questions?

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Venue Space Name

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What days and times (if there are restrictions) are the elopement packages available? Are there any blackout dates?

What is included?

How far in advance can we book the space? What is the minimum notice to book the space?

Can up to 10 guests come for the ceremony? If yes, can you provide any seating? If yes, what type?

Can you provide Champagne? If not, can we?

Are there any other fun or unique items you can offer as part of the package to make it stand out? If not, no worries!

What is the all-inclusive price we would owe upon booking? What are your payment terms?

If the client wants to book a reception at your facility, would you be willing to offer a Pop The Knot discount for that?

The package will come with a photographer, is that ok?

We would like to offer some upgrades depending on the venue. Are you opposed to any of the following upgrades: videographer, live unamplified musician such as a violinist or guitarist, candles/LED candles?

While not part of our business model, if the client requested any decor would that be allowed? If so, what are the restrictions if any?

If applicable, is there a rain back up?

Is there a rescheduling, cancellation policy we should warn them about or is your policy no refunds/no re-scheduling?

Is there a dress code at your venue or any other special instructions we should mention?

I would like to have a photographer take a photo of the space for our website, is that ok?

Any other comments/questions you have for us?

Any files of your venue you want to send us?